Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[UNBOXING] BDJ Elite Box: Heroine Make

Hello, guys! Guess what? I ordered the BDJ Elite Box from their homepage a couple of weeks ago! (Strange how I just got to post about it now. *sweats*) And boy, was I in for a treat or what? I've been trying to assimilate my tastes in makeup/skincare for some time now, and I'm so glad that there are more Japanese brands flocking to the Philippines! It's such a huge relief that I don't have to order 'em from abroad or go out of the country to get my fix. 

Heroine Make is a brand that has grabbed my attention for a long time now! Their adorable princess mascot piqued my interest from their packaging and since then on all I wanted to do was find a way to grab them! So when Kat brought to my radar that BDJ was having a special limited edition box filled with Heroine Make's goodies, I quickly took my chance! 

(Note: I can no longer see their advertisement on their website about this offer so I'm assuming it has ended. You can still view the details of their offer here.)

The box's covering is lovely and pink! (Just the way I like it!)

Shall we take a peek?

A message from their editors!

I love how they were so thoughtful in doing these introductory cards! Their respective descriptions of each product are at the back along with the prices. I won't be including them in this post, however. When I review each and every single one, you'll be able to see them then. For PHP 1480 pesos, you get way more than your money's worth! You get a total of 8 products. Not bad, huh? If ever you needed to build your makeup kit, this could be the box for you!

The box I got was the: Sweet-Medium Box.

From left to right: Heroine Make Smooth Cover Mineral Powder, Heroine Make Mineral BB SPF 50+ PA+++ and Sun Killer SPF 50+ PA++++!

I'm quite stoked to see that they included along some face products! (Yes! Yes!) I tend to be a little biased when it comes to base makeup as they are normally the things I'm picky about. To me, having flawless and smooth looking skin is the most important step when it comes to makeup so I am definitely excited about giving these babies a try! I have quite high expectations. (Also, wow, the sunscreen seems to be the real deal. I'm hoping it's not to greasy because SPF 50+ PA++++ is heaven sent for a girl who gets freckles easily!)

From left to right: Heavy Rotation Jewel Eyeliner #02, Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer and Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara #02!

Eye products! *u* I'm not entirely sure on what the Jewel Eyeliner could be? I think it would look good to top off an eyeliner especially a brown one! It can enhance and make it look a little shimmery which is such a cute effect I often see in Japanese magazines. (And I will definitely try!) Also some eyelash glue. It's transparent. The one I'm currently using is also black which can be quite tedious if not applied properly so having a clear one is good as a back-up. I'm most excited about the mascara! I think they're one of Heroine Make's top products! Also packaging looks lovely! I find that I have trouble searching for mascaras that keep my eyelash curl. 

From left to right: Heroine Make Eyelash in #10 and Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow #03!

It was my first time trying on eyelashes with Heroine Make's! This one looks entirely natural that hardly anyone I knew figured I was actually wearing false eyelashes! A winner in my book. I'm hoping to repurchase more of these babies soon. (So, please, Heroine Make. Be available in North Edsa, ASAP. I should've stocked up when I was at the Dolly Glam event.) Also stoked to try their Quick eyebrow product. I'm also on the market for good eyebrow pencils. *crosses fingers*

Well, this is it for the Heroine Make box! I am going to be road testing these items for the upcoming weeks so hang on for some reviews! (Also a close to my first ever post here in My Beauty Daydream. Let's pray for more posts, yes?)

I've also subscribed to the BDJ Box starting September so be sure to look forward to my next unboxing posts. I'm so excited to give you all some more beauty news + reviews!

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