Wednesday, September 3, 2014

[Unboxing] Glamour Box: Flawless Beauty

Last Monday, I finally received my first ever Glamour Box! 

Now, to be quite honest, I felt a bit skeptical about subscribing to these monthly beauty boxes. First of all, I've always had the habit of sticking to a routine especially one that works well for me. As much as I love trying out new products, the moment I feel that they're not going to work, I ditch them ASAP. I knew that if I subscribed to these boxes, I'd have a pile of unused items. And let me tell you all, I hate wastage of any form whatsoever. But... to hell with it! I jumped aboard the beauty box trend and subscribed to 2 beauty boxes! (I have high hopes!) Also, my bestfriend finally gave me the push to try out new things and so here we are! 

Was I stoked? Definitely! 

Let's talk about the box first. It came to me exactly on September 01 which is pretty amazing. I got home from school last Monday, and I was pretty surprised when the Xend delivery guy came. They were not late at all which is what some people who subscribe to these boxes typically complain about. Thankfully, I got mine quickly! Good sign right there! As I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was the quality of the box. It's sturdy! A+!

Now let's get to the unboxing!


For more information on the box, you can go to their website here. You can find all the items included in the box over hereThe subscription costs PHP 580 a month and for what it's worth, it's a pretty good deal! 

Now first impressions? The box was packed neatly and nothing spilled out which was one of my frustrations at first. Everything looked divine in their proper places! There was also a nice mix between skincare and make-up products! Did it reach my expectations? To be quite honest, I think I expected a little too much. When I ordered this box, I wanted to see a larger assortment of products along with items that aren't that readily available from the drugstore. I'm stoked with the lip scrub (Oh gosh. It smells so good.) and Ofra lip product though! I'm giving the shampoo pack to our housemaid though as this product didn't really work well with me.

However, with that said, this box came out at a good time because I'm currently experiencing a huge break out (which is expected from using a Clarisonic. First time users call it the purging stage.) and I'm giving out the Belo AcnePro line a try! So far, so good!

First Impressions

  • Arrived on time! Mine arrived exactly on September 01! Talk about punctual for a beauty box nonetheless.
  • Items were packaged neatly. The products also came with a card that contained product information. 
  • Good assortment of make-up and skincare products!
  • Full-sized products! Awesome.
  • Worth the subscription for PHP 580!

  • I was expecting a greater assortment of products to try. In a way, I expected products that weren't readily available and can be found anywhere.
Will I subscribe again? Yes. I will subscribe to every of their available boxes for another 2-3 months before I decide whether or not to keep them. Hopefully, they'll step up their game and come up with a better box in the future!

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